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Vino Nostrum is specialized in artisan wines: natural wines, without any additives, produced in small batches to guarantee the highest quality and best expression of their terroir. But Vino Nostrum is not just a wine shop selling artisan wines. We curate and handpick every wine ourselves to create a portfolio to be proud of. We visit each and every winery, we tour the vineyards, we see the vines, we dirty our boots walking in the vineyards, we feel the soil, we visit the cellars and we taste the wines with the producers, not only those already in bottles but also the new vintages directly from the barrels.

One of the people who is always ready to get his hands dirty is Portfolio Manager Fabio Cagnetti, Italy’s 11th most-awarded sommelier and wine consultant for some of Rome’s finest restaurants. His knowledge of the terroirs and winemaking techniques, and knowing where to look and what to look for has lead to the discovery of great and unique wines, many of which have found their way back to Vino Nostrum.

Every year is different, and so will the vintages of the wines we select be different every year. This is because the wineries we work with produce their wines in natural fashion and don’t add any chemicals that will round the taste. They are true Artisans. - Fabio Cagnetti

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About thomas pahlberg

Thomas Pahlberg

CEO & co-founder

About saara pahlberg

Saara Pahlberg

Director, Communications & co-founder

About fabio cagnetti

Fabio Cagnetti

Wine Portfolio Manager,
Sommelier & Partner

About maris zukker

Maris Zukker

Shop manager / Sommelier
VinoNostrum Ltd
+372 55 266 72

About jens krogell

Jens Krogell

Chairman of the Board & Partner

About rodrigo valero

Rodrigo Valero

CFO & Partner

About alice baella

Alice Bella

Photographer & Social Media

About gregor neidig

Gregor Neidig

Country Manager (Germany) & Partner

About nicolas seim

Nicolas Seim

Communications & Social Media (Germany)

About william smith

William Smith

Marketing & Customer Loyalty

About susanne lipasti

Susanne Sairo

Marketing & Social Media

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