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The difference between artisan wine and conventional wine is that the latter is mass produced and chemically manipulated to give a safe and predictable result. The differences of place, soil and of grape variety are secondary because the differences are damaged or destroyed by industrialised grape farming and winemaking techniques in favour of predictability and volume of production. The wines are made using chemical fertilisers, toxic pesticides and mechanical crop thinning in the vineyard and high amounts of additives and preservatives like sulfites are used during vinification. Conventional wine is bland and uninteresting, regardless of where it's from and regardless of the grape variety from which it is made.

Artisan wine is hand crafted, made by small wineries who produce limited quantities of wine in order to keep a high level of quality. The work is done in a sustainable way respecting the nature. The wines are made using natural fertilisers in the vineyard, the grapes are handpicked, native yeast and a low amounts of additives or none are used during the vinification.

The Artisan wineries which we have selected in our portfolio thus produce fine, natural, organic or biodynamic wine with minimal intervention both in the vineyard and the cellar. Their wines are authentic, they taste of the grapes from which they are made and are an honest expression of their terroir.


Currently we ship in boxes of 6 bottles. You can mix and match any bottle you like. Your order should reach your doorstep within 4-7 working days from your order.

Nr. of units Italy Finland Sweden France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria All other EU countries
Up to 10kg
(6 bottles)
10€ 20€ 180 SEK 14€ 20€
Up to 20kg
(12 bottles)
No additional cost 28€ 270 SEK 20€ 28€
Following 10kg
(in boxes of 6 bottles)
No additional cost 6€ per additional 10kg 60 SEK per additional 10kg 6€ per additional 10kg 6€ per additional 10kg
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For payment, we currently support Klarna payment and Paypal, which allows you to use all the major credit cards, debit payments and part payment. We do not store your payment details and we are positive Klarna and Paypal will do everything in their power to keep your details safe.

This is definitely our most asked question, and the answer is a resounding YES. We especially do our very best to pay all taxes to make sure we are running a legal business.

In practice what we do, is a distance sell of wine which means that the wines have been released for consumption in the country of origin and all taxes including excise tax and VAT are being paid to the country of consumption. Everything is legal and everything is taken care of.

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